Optical Fiber Assembly

The optimum fiber optic cable, focused on your specific application. Only optical fibers or as a hybrid cable combined with copper wires or tubes for air, water or oil. MCAP has been the specialist in fiber optic cables for data centres, space, defence, mechanical engineering, agriculture and medical equipment since 1989.


We find a solution for every fiber optic application. With our decades of experience, brand independence and advanced equipment, we have become the Netherlands fiber optic expert. Where another says that something is impossible, we want to proceed. Working like this we always come to the perfect solution for your fiber optic connection.

At MCAP you are assured of:

  • a real sparring partner
  • the best fiber optic connection
  • highest and consistent quality
  • all assemblies tested 100%
  • reliable lead times
  • timely and clear communication
  • no surprises


Designing Fiber Optic Cables

Do you have a question about a particular fiber optic connection? For many customers we designed specific solutions or optimized their existing designs. These connections became smarter, more efficient, reliable, or even cheaper. For your application too, MCAP makes the ultimate fiber optic cable. You don’t want any worries about your fiber optic connection? Then contact us directly and we will provide the solution.