Assembling Cables

For connectivity cables, the quality depends on the connectors, used cable and the accuracy with which they are assembled and controlled.

An optimum cable assembly ensures:

  • Less breakdown
  • Better performances
  • Longer life span
  • More ease of use

Knowledge of connectors

Not only the quality of the connector itself determines the functioning of a cable assembly, it’s also the way it is terminated. Our specialists have gained years of experience with different types of connections for different sectors. Both with optical fiber and copper, but also with hybrid connectors where optical fiber was combined with copper wires and tubes for air, water or oil.

For example, we produced:

  • Easy Break- cables for hospital beds
  • Cables with Expanded Beam connectors for broadcast vehicles and industry
  • UV resistant cables for outdoor applications and measuring instruments

Find more applications in our projects.


Different applications require different connections. This depends on the user, the circumstances, the required life span and the budget.

For all these options, MCAP can help you with the optimum connector to the best cable. This is due to our years of experience and our brand independence. During your design stage, contact us as soon as possible and together we will make the best choice for you.