Customization for visual inspection

For a supplier of industrial cameras and innovative visual inspection systems for food, robot and sport applications, MCAP produces customized cables. Cables with high requirements.

“Our systems are top quality. We expect that as well from the cabling. With MCAP we have been a great partner for many years now.”


With our expertise, we have further optimized the existing designs of the cables over the years. We deliver top quality cables that fit our customer’s equipment.

Met onze expertise hebben wij de bestaande ontwerpen van de kabels in de loop van de jaren nog verder geoptimaliseerd. We leveren onze klant topkwaliteit kabels die passen bij hun apparatuur. Skilled and fast.

Do you also need cables for an industrial environment?

Heeft u ook kabels nodig in een industriële omgeving? Call us to make an appointment and we will help you.

On project base

We produce the cabling specifically for the project. The selected cameras, recording equipment and conditions determine the type of connectors and cable. An inspection system in a packaging line requires a different solution than a slaughterhouse. In addition, we also consider potential noise signals from motors or frequency converters, because the images must be perfect.