Affordable broadcast fibre optic connector with the light never going down

Fibreco J-Lite web-min

TV broadcasts, light shows and festivals can simply continue with J-Lite, the newest member of Fibreco’s Expanded Beam fibre optic connector series.

J-Lite is the affordable 2- or 4-channel Multimode or Singlemode fibre optic connector for Outside Broadcasting. Every video, light or sound professional has been relying on the flawless connections of Fibreco for years. Now a new world opens up with the arrival of this compact, lightweight glass fibre master piece for harsh environments.

Light, compact and yet robust

The compact hermaphrodite fibre optic connector is used on mobile devices such as cameras and has a hole size similar to an XLR connector. This makes it easy to build in existing equipment.

No hassle with dirty fibre optic connectors

The big advantage and unique feature of Expanded Beam connectors is that contaminated connectors will immediately function back again after simply rinsing and drying the fibre optic tips in contrast to the usual Physical Contact fibre connectors. They have a particularly small contact surface, where signals are easily disturbed by a tiny dust particle or a hair. What about sand or beer residue from a festival site? Let MCAP demonstrate this to you and discover the difference yourselves.


If a connector housing might be damaged, it is easy to replace it yourself without interrupting the fibres. How much more benefits do you want?

Do you want to be completely unburdened? Please get in contact with the best and fastest fibre optic assembler and repairer in the Benelux and get even more continuity with all your broadcasting techniques.


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