30 years old and still not grown – MCAP

MCAP started in 1987 with the production of mainframe computer cables. Two years later, the processing of fibre optic cables was started cautiously. Meanwhile, the family owned company has been going on for 30 years and since 1991 it has been located at De Bliek in Raamsdonksveer.

Thanks to the critical eye, the large resolving power and the proactive attitude of MCAP, the company developed it selves into a specialist at copper and fibre optic assemblies.

Cabling specialist

“Our customers often call on us during the development process of their products,” says founder Martin van Aperloo. “Think along, co-develop and improve a product with each other. The most optimal assembly, suited for that specific application of our customer.”

In all those years the projects were versatile. “We have made cables for automotive and industry to medical and aerospace applications,” Van Aperloo commented. “The winning of a major project for the National Institute for Subatomic Physics Nikhef, made it necessary to expand.”


“As if coincidence doesn’t exist, the neighbours’ premises were released in May 2016,” Van Aperloo continues. “We did not want to let this opportunity run and so we now have two production sites next to each other where high-quality compositions are built.”

In the fully renovated building of more than 1100m2, the company not only has access to extra production space, there is also a newly furnished ESD room for safely processing of electronic components.

Vision on the future

“This extra space allows us to set up production depending on the project”, Van Aperloo says. “We now no longer have any restrictions in accepting orders and we are now can handle our processes even more flexible. Our customers benefit from this with even stricter lead times.”

With the additional manufacturing facility and a well-filled order book, the company has focused its eyes on the future. “We can now handle even bigger projects for the development and production of high-quality cabling and modules. We’re ready for the future.”