Super Telescope KM3NeT

We help Nikhef (Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics) designing and producing cables for a super telescope that can detect neutrino particles. These particles come from distant astrophysical sources such as supernova’s, gamma rays or colliding stars, and can tell us more about the origin of the universe.

This super-telescope KM3NeT consists of a network of cables and spheres with detectors and reaches a depth of 3 to 5km below the water surface. Because of the great scientific importance, the project is followed by scientists worldwide.

Research Ship Screws

For high-speed cameras in a cavitation research center, we have manufactured fiber optic cables with expanded beam connectors. Cavitation is the phenomenon that can occur with fast-moving ship screws, which could damage the ship screw.

The camera system shows the chilled water, which makes it very important that the cabling is resistant to water, salt and dirt.


For laboratory equipment we produce the internal cabling and connecting cables. The fully automated robots analyze liquids and gases in laboratories. For these precision instruments it is important that the cabling is extremely reliable and suitable for non-technically trained personnel.