For a shiplift in a North German port we have assembled cables for power, control and heating of electric motors and resolvers. This giant shiplift can lift 25,000 tons and stands on a 270×35 meter pontoon. The lift consists of two lines of 50 electrically powered and synchronized winches. The cables must be resistant to the heavy conditions of salt, water, oil and sunlight.

Wind energy

For wind turbines we build couplings for the backup batteries. The backup battery is used when the windmill is stationary and turns to the wind position. The couplings are made entirely according to customer specification.

Milking robot

For a milking robot we developed a moisture sensor. This potted sensor detects moisture on the milking robot pipes. These sensors are resistant to the conditions prevailing in the agricultural sector, such as moisture and ammonia vapors.


For laboratory equipment we make the internal cabling and connecting cables. The fully automated robots analyze liquids and gases in laboratories. For these precision instruments it is important that the cabling is extremely reliable and suitable for non-technically trained personnel.