MCAP cable & glassfiber assemblies:
probleemoplossers die zorgen voor de beste verbinding

  • From design to finished product

    Can't find the right cable assembly? Try us! After all, that is what drives us: finding and/or designing the best cable or glassfiber assembly for your specific situation.                 Read more...

    MCAP Solutions
  • Innovative applications

    The cable and glassfiber assemblies from MCAP establish connections in a diverse range of industries and branches, from milking robots to electronic blood pressure meters and from power plants to HD broadcast cameras. Read more...

    MCAP Applications
  • Practical cases

    MCAP has experience in delivering cable solutions since 1987. We partner with other suppliers to achieve the best results. Our customers are happy to share their experiences with you. Read more...

    MCAP Practical cases
  • No matter who picks up the phone: they all know what they are talking about and are up to date with current projects.
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